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Equine Assisted Learning Activities

Equine Assisted Learning is a new and exciting technique which uses horses as a tool for personal growth. It is based on working with horses to learn more about how humans interact with each other and their environment. Licensed clinical professionals, such as psychologists and therapists are involved in helping participants to process and discuss their feelings, behavior patterns, and to help them make changes in order to lead happier lives.

Equine Assisted Learning takes place with the participant on the ground rather than on the horse. The focus is to learn about you, rather than learning to ride. Equine Assisted Learning uses exercises that require the person to work with the horse in order to accomplish specific goals.

Some of the applications include: anxiety, depression, family issues, non-verbal communication, couples issues, assertiveness, creative problems solving, leadership, teamwork, and confidence. Equine Assisted Learning is beneficial both in therapeutic and corporate settings

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Team Equus

We are a team of mental health professionals & equine specialists certified in equine cofacilitated modalities to assist individuals, couples, groups, familes, government organizations, veterans, nonprofits, treatment programs, & corporations with customized programming to achieve their goals. Contact us today for a free, individualized consultation for your group, to see how team equus can improve your company/agency’s functioning and bottom line!

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is our monthly group programming for military women with ptsd/mst. We are on many insurance panels to enable us to bill for this group, and also have donated funds available for those with no resources.” see horsecorps.com for more info

Trailer to War Horse

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Equusolutions, Inc is launching this program to deliver low-to-no-cost toiletry and basic needs items to veterans, 1st responders, and other residents in need of same in local assisted living & rehabilitation facilities. This is for folks who have minimal means, and/or no one to provide this welcomed combined service, and hospitality visitation for them. This program will also serve as an initiative to offer equine-assisted therapy to appropriate residents in facilities that have previously expressed an interest in EAP, via our mobile-mini (horses) program.

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Utilizing the healing power of ecotherapy & proven holistic healing methods, experience renewal and resiliency with worshops, weekend, or 5 day retreats. The Sunsong Healing Retreats and Workshops is organized by experienced, certified, and licensed providers. For more information, visit sunsongretreats.com.

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Equine Assisted modalities-presented by Equusolutions, Inc. incorporates horses experientially for emotional growth and learning.



We welcome any and all donations (tax deductible!) to expand our programming, to serve more! We thank you in advance for your support!

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