Dr. Darlene Williams

Since Give an Hour’s inception, licensed psychologist Darlene Williams, Ph.D., PA, has served as a dedicated volunteer provider. In 2010, Dr. Williams founded Horse Corps, a free monthly therapy group for military women suffering from post-traumatic stress and/or military sexual trauma utilizing equine-assisted psychotherapy.

There is a growing interest in equine therapy supporting the psychological health and family relationships of service members, veterans, and their families worldwide. Dr. Williams practices clinical and forensic and transpersonal psychology. She has advanced training in hypnosis, forensic psychology, and equine-assisted psychotherapy, as well as 33 years of experience in treating individuals with a wide range of mental health issues. In the forensic field, Dr. Williams has published journal articles and a book chapter. She is a former board member for PACE Center for Girls and presently serves on the board for the Institute for Survivors of Incest & Sexual Violence, Inc.

Dr. Williams served as a Founding Member and Associate Trainer for both the International Academy for Advanced Clinical Hypnosis, and the American Institute for Rapid Trauma Resolution. Her areas of specialty include trauma recovery, grief and loss, psychocardiology, couples and family treatment, and transpersonal psychotherapy. Dr. Williams is certified in Hypnotherapy as well as Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy. She authored Resurrecting Self: Understanding and Treating Military Women with PTSD & MST–A Guide for Survivors and Those Who Love and Care for Them. She was approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education activities in 2009 (in conjunction with Dr Tricia Wilmoth),and in 2013 (with Dr. Gloria Payne),regarding innovative PTSD/MST treatment modalities for mental health professionals. In addition, she served as Founding Mental Health Consultant for The Department of Labor,Job Corps Center for Excellence, St. Petersburg, Fl.

Dr Williams is co-founder of Sunsong Healing Retreats & Workshops, an offering of Equusolutions nonprofit organization, and has been interviewed on broadcast and internet radio, television, and in print. As a result of Dr. Williams’ work with horses and military women with PTSD/MST, she has developed healing retreats for both clients & mental health professionals suffering from compassion fatigue, as well as CE workshops incorporating equine therapy methods for addressing PTSD. Interested parties can the office at (727) 467-4213 for more information. Copies of her VITA outlining professional presentations/workshops are available upon request.