Coming Fall 2018: CE workshops for mental health professionals

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Combining evidence based/supported traditional techniques with holistic methods for healing PTSD/MST, DID, and complex trauma

You are invited to:

An Equine Experience

Peace4Tarpon, Equusolutions and Circle of Veterans invites you to experience evidence based equine assisted learning for personal growth, healing trauma and burnout of the mind, body, and soul.  Through interactions between people and horses, experience how this modality can be applied to a variety of personal/professional and/or group challenges.

  • No horsemanship skills/experience necessary!
  • This is a “non-riding” experience
  • Activities are relational with horses and take place on the ground, requiring individuals to develop and work with their relationship with the horse(s), (and at times, other group members) in order to accomplish specific tasks, whereupon they learn about themselves & others
  • Supervised interactions with horses are guided by mental health professionals and equine specialists
  • Equine therapy has proven effective in both therapeutic & corporate settings
  • Benefits include improvements in:  assertiveness, emotional awareness, empathy, stress tolerance, cognitive flexibility, impulse control, problem-solving skills, self-actualization, independence, self-regard, social responsibility, and interpersonal relationships
  • Equusolutions, Inc. employs rescue horses, so tenacious relationship building is a primary task
  • A FREE healthy lunch will be provided (Please specify a vegetarian/vegan diet when registering.)

Free Event!

Sunday, March 12, 2017,

11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Circle of Veterans Retreat Center

19717 Bower Rd, Dade City, FL  33523

To register, contact Candy at either 727-467-4213 or text 941-677-8639.

For more information visit:,, or